TEL: (65) 81810258 EA License: Z-828252

陳玟諌 M
Propnex Realty Pte Ltd
No: - Property for sale at Overseas 海外物業出售
巴厘岛渡假胜地, 永久业权财产  巴厘岛 Manjaro Resorts   9.90M
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陳玟諌 M
(65) 81810258

實用面積 S.A.(sq.ft.):   42000 Bedroom 8 Bathroom 8 Car park 2
工商物業介紹 Commercial Introduction:
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酒店俯瞰郁郁葱葱的绿色山谷,被稻田包围,土地是在山坡上,与加提(巴厘岛柚木)种植的树木。 底部有一条小河, 该酒店可俯瞰对面河岸上的圣殿和天然泉水。


The property overlooks a lush green valley, surrounded by rice fields, the landis on a hill, with Jati (Bali teak) trees planted. A small river runs at the bottom,and the property overlooks a holy temple and natural spring on the oppositeriver bank.


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