TEL: (65) 98389454 EA License: Z-828235

新加坡物業代理 Beverly Bird
No: - Property for sale at Overseas 海外物業出售
  Astrid Meadows   8.00M

新加坡物業代理 Beverly Bird
(65) 98389454

實用面積 S.A.(sq.ft.):   3800 Bedroom 4 Bathroom 5 Car park 1
住宅物業介紹 Residential Introduction:
NO: 016360-22685/2024-02-15 08:17:07 瀏覽次數: 1233 (Visited)

Free hold luxurious single floor fully renovated apartment surrounded by lush greenery.  

This gorgeius home is fully fitted and beckoning for ready to move in buyers and families. 

Featuring a walk in wardrobe, a long bar as well as a wet and dry kitchen. 

Please contact Beverly @ +65 9838 9454 for more details.

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