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陳正川 Zack Tan
ERA Realty Network Pte Ltd
No: - Property for sale at Overseas 海外物業出售
SINGAPORE Jiak KIm 瑞雅嘉苑  Riviere   32.00M
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陳正川 Zack Tan
(65) 86867166

實用面積 S.A.(sq.ft.):   2002 Bedroom 4 Bathroom 3 Car park 1
住宅物業介紹 Residential Introduction:
NO: 016360-22323/2023-01-19 11:46:20 瀏覽次數: 2045 (Visited)

Rivière sits within a larger precinct which comprises of three conservation warehouses and serviced apartments. The precinct is sited next to the Singapore River, the birthplace of modern, dynamic Singapore. Using the river as inspiration, we used the different qualities, states and nature of water. It is at once soft and hard; liquid, solid and gaseous; gentle and forceful. In many ways, water reflects the duality of life. In many ways, Rivière reflects dualities too. Modernity & Legacy; Individuality & Community; Quiet & 24/7 For all Singapore Property Launches whatsapp/wechat 正川 Zack +65 86867166 or VISIT Wechatid:zacktan8888 Zack +65 86867166

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