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馮得海 Alrick Fung
DPG Property Group
No: 1702 - Property for sale at Overseas 海外物業出售
柯林斯街915号  915 Collins Street   0.78M

馮得海 Alrick Fung
(61) 414888289

實用面積 S.A.(sq.ft.):   800 Bedroom 2 Bathroom 1 Car park 1
住宅物業介紹 Residential Introduction:
NO: 016360-23121/2024-03-21 08:05:11 瀏覽次數: 629 (Visited)



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An iconic Melbourne precinct like no other.

This 2-bedroom waterfront apartment sitting on the doorstep of the central business district (CBD), surrounded by water on three sides, where open, green spaces and world-class residential building site side by side. Victoria Harbour encompasses both the cosmopolitan feel Melbourne is renowned for, and rich sense of community. A compilation of residential spaces, business, restaurant, retailers and leisure amenities make this a place to work, live and play.

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